Spotlight New Rule for 2019

Region 12 Spotlight Right Holders and participants,

The Region 12 Spotlight Board of Directors, Officers and volunteers are preparing another lineup of outstanding stallions for our 13th
Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Auction. We hope you will join us Thursday evening, May 9th, for our next memorable event to celebrate
our beautiful Arabian Horse. Offspring from previously nominated Arabian Stallions will have the opportunity to compete for
prestigious titles in a variety of disciplines and an available prize pool of $182,954.00.

The Board of Directors would like to announce several improvements to the program which are expected to provide a better event
atmosphere the night of the auction and enhance participation in the program.

              *We will continue the online auction prior to the live auction. Only stallions that reach a bid of at least $1,000 will be
                presented for bid at the Thursday evening live event. At the conclusion of the live auction, those stallions that didn’t go to
                the live auction will be back on line for an additional 10 days before closing the bidding.
              *This years live event will be held in the Beef and Dairy barn. Moving to the alternate site will allow the events planners more
                time to set up and start the social hour at the designated time without delays.
              *The BOD has adopted a new auction rule to benefit our program. This change has been asked for by many Spotlight
                 participants throughout the years to put our program in line with other breeding programs in the U.S.

Please read the rule change below.
                           D. AUCTION BREEDING
                               #6. EFFECTIVE AT THE 2019 SPOTLIGHT FUTURITY AUCTION AND GOING FORWARD, any stallion breeding
                                       purchased at the auction, or online auction, may be used the year of purchase provided that the entire purchase price has been paid in
                                       full the night of the auction or at the time of purchase. Further, use of the breeding the year of purchase must be approved by the
                                       nominating Stallion Owner. It is the breeding purchaser’s responsibility to confirm stallion availability if it is their intent to use the
                                       breeding the year of purchase. The Spotlight Futurity makes no claims or guarantee of stallion availability the immediate year of
                                       purchase. Should a stallion not be available the year of purchase, the breeding buyer’s financial responsibility to the Spotlight Futurity
                                       remain as stated in the other rules of the program. If a stallion breeding is used the year of purchase, the stallion owner Auction
                                       Certificate and breeding may be used the year of purchase as well, but only if the auction breeding purchaser utilizes the year of
                                       purchase option. Amendment #6 to the AUCTION BREEDING RULES does not change any other rules of the program concerning
                                       nominations or payback of prize monies. Auction monies will remain with the original year no matter the year of breeding use.


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