Any Purebred Arabian mare bred to a Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Nominated Stallion is eligible to be nominated, provided the nomination is received by December 31st of the breeding year. This mare nomination certificate is automatically generated after a completed and signed mare nomination has been submitted electronically along with payment of $100 nomination fee. The resulting foal will be eligible to compete in Spotlight Futurity classes.

Region 12 Spotlight Stallion Futurity, Inc. retains the right to accept or reject any nomination. If the nomination is rejected, the $100.00 nomination fee will be refunded. It is your responsibility to keep address and/or change in ownership current.

  • Spotlight Nominated SireFVF Bucarrdi
  • Nominated MareIIB Miss Mia
  • Registration #652094
  • Auction Breeding Yes
  • Mare Owner NameCrystal sousa
  • Address 11875 Blackjack Rd East
  • Address 2
  • CityPilot point
  • StateTexas
  • Postal Code76258
  • Phone9403914340
  • Mare Owner SignatureCrystal Sousa
  • DateDecember 6, 2022